Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppin good time on Haw Ridge New Greenway trails

Hoppin good time on Haw Ridge new Greenway Trails
   then another fit bunny spotting along Old Walland Highway and in Townsend

Even the Easter buddy heard that a great place to hop into fitness was at the Haw Ridge new greenway trails.  Our heart walkers and Peter cottontail met up at the parking lot off Edgemore Road between Solway and Oak ridge to hike the trails.   And since the trails were pretty muddy we decided to hit the new greenway trail that winds around close to the other dirt trails and heads out to the marina greenway that runs under Edgemore road.  There is only a small section not paved yet and it is a beautiful greenway that eventually will be a long route to enjoy for bikers too.

Then we bumped into Peter Cottontail again along Old WallanD Highway on coulter Bridge And He must know how pretty this River Road is to Townsend.  When the road comes into Townsend and the new bridge, our crew turns left and takes the back way over to road where Lilly Barn is located then we turn and went back to 321 then took a right and stopped for lunch the Cuban place (cute cabin w/ blue roof) 

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