Saturday, January 28, 2017

Must do hikes near Greenville Tn. and Hot Springs NC

I get to do a lot of hiking so when I find two in same week that MUST be part of my new Top Ten hikes you know it was a great week.    We met Ned Sanders in Greenville and it only took us 45 minutes to get there from east Knoxville.  Ned has been a president for Greenville hikers and bikers club and was a great host    We traveled another 35 minutes towards Marshall/Hot Springs and then up dirt road to parking lot to hike on AT to black stack cliffs.   You can make it a short hike or longer loop on relocation loop of 4 or 5 miles.  Or you could hike another 17-19 or so and end up in Hot Springs NC.   After our hike we hit the hot tubs in Hot springs and spent two nights at The Magnolia Manor (garden cottage with some in the main Inn)    Day two half of us went to explore Wolf falls and while the original trail head off 25/70 had too much water we drove instead up Upper shut in Road (off 25) and went to the top by a gate and hiked in half mile to intersection then left on old dirt road then found sign to Wolf falls they were awesome.   After another hot tub night we ate a Yummy meal at Magnolia Manor then day three we went to one of our old favorites Laurel River trail up north of Hot springs and it is good for anyone as it is pretty flat but gorgeous water next to the trail and some old artifacts from a logging town named Runion.    We had great group of our Friday Fitness for that hike even tho it started off with some snow we had close to 30 on the hike.  Del Rio/Greenville Tn and Hot springs three areas all close together with great hikes !

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Video highlights Fit Fun RV Trip

My husband's been wanting to do a West Coast national Park trip for years so we finally did it. We flew from Knoxville to Las Vegas and then rented a RV it was called the mini Winnie and went to seven national parks. It was hard to pick a favorite with the girls like arches with all the cool natural arch is an interesting hikes and Yellowstone was probably my husbands favorite with all the wildlife. And I thought Bryce was very pretty and it had lots of bike trails so I'd like to go back there. It is far is a fit and fun wild adventure Zion hike which was called Angels Landing was pretty incredible.

YouTube Video

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Norris observation point

Thx to Joe Feeman we had a great loop hike to observation point behind the Lenoir Museum in Norris. Some neat veterans joined in the 5 mile hike and we saw tons of wildflowers Joe is retired from TVA but very active for the Norris Watershed association. He told us many historical facts and showed us where CCC built walls and overlooks. This was the first TVA dam built.
Afterwards we ate at yummy Museum of Appalachia ! Next up for this veteran group a hike on top of the mountain. Mcloud Mountain :)

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Location:Norris State park & watershed district

Location:Norris watershed

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New year New great hike on CT

This is a great hike just off I 40 crab orchard and starts on highway 68 Steep at times but worth the effort. Great views neat rocks too

YouTube Video

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Location:Brady mountain off HW 68

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I think the little crab orchard exit off I-40 is loaded w unbelievable trails , views, waterfalls & cool rock formations. These all along the Cumberland Trail. Ozone falls is on the north/east side about five miles out off highway 70. Only 1/2 mile of Cumberland trail finished but hopefully the trail to top of Cumberland trail will be done. As on the south side of 40 about two miles away you turn up to Cunberland trail at black mountain and the views and rocks are amazing. You can hike 3-4 to Brady mountain then keep going up again and this trail goes to spring city area. Then onto Dayton and final south end Chattanooga. It's amazing


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