Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer get on local trails

Knoxville area

We had great time getting on local trails for Legacy Parks this summer thx to Parkwest and THompson Cancer Survival Center
Places like UT Trial gardens, Ijams, Concord trails, 7 Island State park, Sharp Ridge and Wm Hastie park to name a few. All listed on for maps etc

- thx also to Bryan Paschal, cyndy Cunningham, susan French, Catherine Gilreath & Legacy park staff for their help. Over 2000 raised from hikers & sponsors Hope to see yall at annual Legacy Park luncheon sept 11 where Cheryl Strayed, author Of the book "Wild" will be speaking.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

History Hike w Missy fri fit club

Our Roane and Anderson county friday fit club warmed up for a brisk 30 degree, 4 mile walk by spending time inside Fort South West visitor center. This historic site in Kingston tn shows you how life was here in the late 1700s. Dan a historian and museum director Rick Ross told us about how this Fort had that hoped to maintain peace between the  Cherokee and settlers. But later how it ended with the native Americans being pushed out of east tn. on trail of tears toOklahoma.    Four soldiers from this fort joined Lewis Clark expedition and for one day Kingston was named capital of Tn. The
Betty brown trail goes down to a nice 4oo meter Track and sport fields then the greenway  continues close to the water front  towards the high school and back. After we toured the buildings at the Fort some headed to Red Door restaurant by the water for lunch.  This club is an outreach of Methodist Medical Center and Roane Medical Center.   Missy is hoping to inspire others to hit the trails in their community to help fight Obestity, Diabetes, heart illness as well as improving your over all mental health. Often there are links to trails outside Knoxville area on   and Missy can be seen on Mornings with Fox 43 every tuesday at 8:45 to showcase other Fit and Fun destinations around East Tenn.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meadow Creek Firetower and Gum creek loop nice 6 mile hike close to del rio

It only took us 1 hour and 3 minutes to get from Straw Plains pike in Knoxville to our trail destination: Houston Valley campground which was on a state highway  (101 or 107 :)  )  off 25East   We only drove 14 miles out of Newport then took a left and went about 5 miles and stopped at the campground.  Across the street is the trail head saying Gumtree and it is nice trail (keep straight at first intersection, then hiked up little steep at times but not bad to an intersection where you can see its a nice trail for even little mountain biking. We took a left to head up to meadow creek road and fire tower.  This section in the winter time made it easy to see way out over the valley and it was great.    Then we hit the forest road and took a right and walked half mile or more up to the tower.  Great 360 views made the climb well worth it. We hiked back down the road a few miles then took left on the gum creek connector trail and ended up back at our cars.  Nice nice hike !  Here is video that photog Jerry Owens took on our hike.  


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fit & Fun Destination Fontana to Snowbird Lodge

It is a treat to get to add a little "fit and fun" adventure get away every 3-4 months.  And this fall was the perfect time to plan a two stop trip to the mountains.   After the Get on Trail w/ Friends & MIssy fall series finished, many hikers took advantage of a great hikers rate at Fontana Village.  The lodge there is comfy and clean plus the FOOD is awesome.  I have never had a bad meal there and everyone agreed.

Then to celebrate to good friends B-days early and one who is a trooper to keep on keeping on the trail despite some health set backs we took off over 129 to Joyce Kilmar National forest and The Snowbird Lodge.   This area is so so pretty and the 129 drive from Fontana to Joyce Kilmer was beautiful and not too too curvy.  The big national forest has some Gigantic old growth still looking strong and the trails there very pretty.   A few of us LOVE love to bike on the Cherohayla parkway and the Big Big Treat was staying at the Snowbird Lodge in Robinsville.  I would say this is the nicest, prettiest bed and breakfast spot I have had the privilege to stay in overnight.    The views, the lawn the summer house patio, the accommodations, and food all WONDERFUL.    Its right where the Cherohayla parkway ends and it's worth the drive.